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Founded in 1952, the Kokusai Budoin, International Martial Arts Federation, is dedicated to providing access to archives of historical information and sources of traditional instruction, as well as the promotion of friendship and cooperation among leaders and enthusiasts of the Japanese martial arts. With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, IMAF has established branches in 17 countries, with members throughout the world. IMAF is comprised of the following divisions: Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, Aikido, Iaido, Nihon Jujutsu and Kobudo.

1987/2007 - Branch Director - Switzerland
Established in Switzerland since 1958, Master Mitsuhiro Kondo - Japanese expert in Judo (9th Dan Hanshi), Aikijitsu (7th Dan Kyoshi) and Karatedo (6th Dan) - founded the Association IMAF Switzerland in 1986. Under the aegis of the Kokusai Budoin, International Martial Arts Federation, he was recognized as "Branch Director" for Switzerland in 1987.

Master Mitsuhiro Kondo has developed and assumed the chairmanship of the Association IMAF Switzerland since its foundation until 2007. The first in July 2007 he became President of honor.

2008/2015 - Branch Director - Switzerland
The new president of the Association IMAF Switzerland, Mr Robert Rapin becomes "Branch Director" for Switzerland on 1 January 2008. He stops its activities for IMAF Switzerland at the end of 2015.

2016 - International Division Director - Switzerland
Nihon Jujutsu Division Director
Mr. Carlo Bergamin
National Administration Representative pro tempore

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Tuesday 17 November 2015
by  websensei

24 octobre 2015 - Démonstration Ju-no-Kata

30 ans Judo-Clubs Vernaison et Pierre-Bénite (région de Lyon, France)
Démonstration Ju-no-Kata par Miwako Le Bihan, 7e Dan Kodokan — UKE et Pascal Dupré, 5e Dan CIJAM — TORI
Devant un public nombreux, dont une dizaine de hauts gradés de la (...)

Sunday 30 August 2015
by  websensei

Official distribution Diploma 1st Dan Judo to Mansour Walter, 29 June 2015

Le dernier entraînement de l’année scolaire au Judo Club Gland est marqué par la remise officielle du diplôme Kokusai Budoin, IMAF de 1er Dan Judo à Mansour.
Le diplôme porte la signature de Yasuhisa TOKUGAWA, Président Kokusai Budoin, IMAF.
Sous la (...)









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